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About Avaxia Functional Consultant: 2/3

Attractive points of the role

You can learn and gain a wide range of business knowledge about the industry and sector through working with business users, even from a young age.
A major objective of IT system implementation and improvement projects is to increase the efficiency of the customer’s operations and to reduce costs.
For improving operations efficiency, it is important to look at whether the customer’s business processes need to be rearranged. Functional consultants can play as supportive-but-main actor for projects and customers in this part.
And also, from the corporate system end- users to the executive level, functional consultant closely discusses with them from information gathering phase.
You can see how people involve in the business depending on the roles and the positions in a company, which is one of the most interesting parts.
The project teams consist of multinational members. You can learn not only about cultures and values, but also how to convince them and to proceed the project in a way of foreign countries through the operational collaboration.