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About Avaxia Functional Consultant: 1/3

The roles and tasks of Functional Consultants vary based on project and main and principal tasks are as follows:
1) Business requirements analysis: understanding the customer’s business processes and assessing how the system can meet the company’s needs,
2) Solution design: finding and designing a solution to meet the business needs,
3) System development: development based on the design decided,
4) Test: testing is carried out to ensure if functions and processes work correctly.
5) Go-Live: the developed system is moved into the production environment.

The project in which I am currently involved is aiming to implement the same system in all regions (e.g., Japan, China, Asia, North America, and Europe), and each region has its own project team.
The main role and tasks are to analyze and design the business requirements of each region, assess, and approve the results.